The Pre Purchase Inspection

We know that purchasing a BMW, whether brand new or used, can be a large financial decision. Therefore, in order to save you money and stress in the long run, we always suggest your potential vehicle is looked at by us before you make any large financial commitments. The inspection can help avoid unexpected costs, minor (and sometimes major) car problems and a disappointed owner. By thoroughly checking all components, from the electrical to the mechanical, as well as visually inspecting for any probable accident damage, we ensure your new car is ready to run as soon as you get it.

This services involves

  1. Electrical system check including on-board diagnostics via OBD Port
  2. Engine compression and leak-down checks
  3. Inspection of all the mechanicals
  4. Thorough inspections of the inside and outside
  5. Full road test to check for faults or irregularities
  6. Service history check
  7. Repairs estimate (IF any are needed)